About Me

IMG_3831My name is Hilary Misiano and I am a wife and mother to a young boy. We recently moved to Connecticut from southern California and we love it!

I have been on an evolutionary journey for 30 years. At a young age, I was faced with a life altering decision and am grateful that I chose the path that led me here.  Over the years, I have practiced meditation (on and off) practiced yoga (on and off) and continued to look for ways to grow as a human being.

I was lead to mindfulness by a number of people for a number of reasons, all mostly having to do with my son. He has a rare genetic skin condition which will be a constant challenge for him plus he has issues with anxiety, getting to sleep and attention.

I found a great book called Starbright and we began with an evening meditation/visualization before bed. He seemed to really like it and it helped him fall asleep.

Then I found mindfulschools.org. I combed through their website and loved everything they had to say. They believe, and studies show, that children can benefit from mindfulness in extraordinary ways and it’s their mission to bring mindfulness to schools all over the world.

They offered a Fundamental Class, which was online, so I decided to take it. I loved it so much! I looked forward to the work each week and couldn’t wait to see what I was going to learn next.  The week before finishing the Fundamental class, I knew I wanted to teach this to children so I signed up for their Curriculum Class, which taught me how to teach their Curriculum. The same thing happened. I couldn’t wait to see what I was going to learn next. The only problem for me was that it was going too fast so I signed up for the year long Certification Class, which I completed and am now a Certified Mindful Schools Instructor! I continue to practice and learn what I can to be a better teacher, wife and mom.

I could see the changes in myself almost immediately. I was calmer. I was more focused. I was more patient. I felt more loving. I felt good.

I have continued to practice almost every day since. I practice so that when I am, let’s say stuck in traffic, and feeling frustrated, I have practiced getting back into the moment and I can calm down fairly quickly.

Other things in my life that I enjoy, in addition to practicing and teaching mindfulness, are all animals, making jewelry, taking photographs, family time, reading, researching and doing whatever I need to do to continue to evolve.