My goal is to spread mindfulness far and wide! I would LOVE to bring it to schools all around Fairfield County. If your child is at a school that you think would be open to talking about a mindfulness program, please get in touch with me through the “Contact” tab and let me know who to talk to at your school and I will do the rest! I can provide you with some information to pass on to the person responsible for such a decision so they can review it before I contact them. Whatever works best for you!


I am in the process of setting up classes and workshops.  More to come on a schedule but, just so you know, I work with children one-on-one or as a group. I work with families. Do you know a group of like-minded families who want to learn how to get more focused, calm and grounded? We can start a group together. I would love that.

Please fill out the contact information under the “Contact” tab and I will get back to you with some options!

Thank you for your interest in Mindfulness practice for your children and your family.  I look forward to taking you on this journey!